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Our Most Popular Self-Test Digital Breathalyzers
AL2500 Breathalyzer AL2500
light weight
and compact


AL6000    AL6000
robust and
easy to use


AL7000  AL7000
and convenient

Platinum Lite AlcoDigital Platinum Lite
Police-type fuel
cell sensor

Platinum breathalyzer  AlcoDigital Platinum
Replaceable fuel
cell sensor


AlcoDigital 3000 Breathalyzer  AlcoDigital 3000
Police Standard
Accuracy & Reliability

Same Sensor as
in UK Police Model
Personal self-test Breathalyzers
Leisure Series
For fun! Don't take the results from these TOO seriously - but they're not toys either!
AL2500 £ AlcoDigital AL5500 £ AL6000 Lite £ AlcoHawk Slim £
Personal Series
Ideal for occasional use; good value, reliable personal detectors.

AL6000 Premium £ AL7000 Premium £ AlcoHawk Pro £ AlcoDigital AlcoHoot £
Premiere Series
for greater accuracy over a wider range. These are all US DOT/FDA approved with Fuel Cell Sensors.
alcohoot   lifeguard breathalyzer alcodigital 3000 breathalyzer
AlcoDigital Platinum Lite £ AlcoDigital Platinum £ AlcoDigital LifeGuard £ AlcoDigital 3000 £
Certified Breathalyzers - for when you are testing someone else
If you are testing someone else instead of yourself, you should be using one of these; click here to find out why.
Draeger 5510 UK Police Breathalyzer   Draeger 6810 Breathalyzer   Draeger 6820 Breathalyzer   Draeger 7510 Breathalyzer  
Draeger UK Police 5510
Draeger 6820 Handset Only
Draeger 6820 Printer System
Draeger 7510 Alpha
Other Products and Services
We support 56 different makes of Breathalyzer and have our own in-house calibration and testing Equipment.

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