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Alcohol Testing

AlcoHawk ABI

Key Features

  • Silicon-oxide sensor with SRT

  • Blow Pressure Sensor

  • Ultra Bright Digital Display

  • Wide Detection Range

  • Auto Purge after each test

  • Quick Recovery

  • Audible warnings

SRT Sensor Technology
The sensor in a Personal Breathalyzer can easily become contaminated by smoke, mouth alcohol and other contaminants but with the SRT Sensor checking system the ABI checks the condition of the sensor before every test and provides error reporting where optimal conditions have not been met. 

The AlcoHawk ABI is one of Q3i's most reliable testers and an excellent choice for those looking for the extra assurance of sample pressure testing combined with SRT at a lower price than Promille testers


UK based 12 month warranty.

ALcoHawk ABI Breathalyzer 

£ inc VAT

Scottish / UK Limits

Scottish UK limits

Technical Specifications

120 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight 135 grams including battery

Housing: Shock resistant, moulded plastic
Sensor: Highly selective semi-conductive oxide
Response time: 3.5 sec
Warm up time: 20 sec
Recovery time: (sensor purge) 30 sec
Battery life: Over 300 tests
Battery: 9V alkaline
Accuracy: ±0.2 at 0.10% BAC
Detection range 0.00 ~ 0.40%
Digital display Three digits LED

Package Contents

  • AlcoHawk ABI Unit
  • 5 x mouthpieces
  • User's manual
  • 9v Duracell Battery
  • Wrist Strap

Note: The specifications relate to laboratory conditions and may not be replicated in general use. Do not drink and drive. If in doubt, do not drive or carry out any actions where your abilities or judgement may be impaired by the consumption of Alcohol.

Approved by the US DoT as an ASD

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