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Alcohol Testing

AlcoDigital Platinum Breathalyzer

AlcoDigital Platinum Breathalyzer

  • Digital LCD Display
  • Replaceable Fuel Cell Sensor
  • Compact design
  • High accuracy

Up until now there was a choice between the convenience of a breathalyser with a replaceable sensor - that the user could change themselves - or the accuracy of a Professional quality Fuel Cell device that was far more reliable, accurate and robust - but needed calibrating in the lab.

No longer.

The AlcoDigital Platinum is the first breathalyzer in the world to combine the accuracy and reliability of a fuel cell with an interchangeable cartridge that is easily exchanged by the user themselves. No downtime, no posting back to the lab - simply swap & go.

The complex nature of the fuel cell has meant it has taken Sentech, one of the Worlds' foremost breathalyzer manufacturers, several years to miniaturise and perfect but with this device they have succeeded. The single cartridge contains all the elements necesssary for accurate testing to as little as 0.005% BAC - far beyond the performance of semi-conductor models, which up to now have been the only alternative replaceable-sensor technology available.

AlcoDigital Platinum has a compact design and is easy to use. It provides accurate test result and easy maintenance. The fuel cell sensor module can be replaced and calibrated.

Daily Mail chooses the AlcoDigital Platinum as their Breathalyzer of choice for in-depth alcohol test article
alcodigital platinum breathalyzer


Normally £199.95

£ inc VAT

Screening Kit (with 100 mouthpieces + spare sensor)

£ inc VAT

Scottish / UK Limits

Scottish UK limits

Technical Specifications


Fuel Cell Sensor


±0.005 %BAC at 0.050 %BAC

Warm Up Time

5 seconds ~ 2 minutes

Response time

within 10 seconds at 0.10 %BAC

Display Digital LCD

Temp Range

5 - 40°C


57mm x 45mm x 36mm


85g (including batteries)

Replaceable fuel cell cartridge

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