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AlcoDigital 3000 Breathalyzer
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Consider the Draeger 3820

When Real Accuracy matters.

  • True Police Accuracy

  • Simple, Single-Button Operation

  • Standard UK-Police Measurement

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Tough Housing

  • Full-Frame Draeger Fuel Cell

Draeger has been supplying the world's police forces with breath alcohol measuring equipment for over 50 years. Over 65% of the UK Police forces use the Home-Office approved Draeger 6510, but this device costs nearly £800 - too much for most individuals.

Now however AlcoDigital, already the UK£s largest independent supplier of Breathalysers, has launched the AlcoDigital 3000. Manufactured in Germany on their behalf by Draeger - based on exactly the same advanced electrochemical sensor technology that forms the core of their 6510/6810 Police Approved Breathalysers.

Easy-to-Read LCD Display:  large, easy-to-read LCD display provides the reading µg/100ml - the same units as the 6510 UK Police Breathalyzer.

True Police-Level Accuracy: The most Accurate Personal Detector in the world today. Combining automatic sampling and calibration processes with short reaction times, this ergonomically designed, ambidextrous unit offers precise measurements at the touch of a button. Fast, reliable and accurate, it is also robust and hygienic in use.

Two Year Guarantee:  So certain are we of total reliability that this is the first Breathalyser available in the UK with a Two Year Warranty. No other supplier gives such an unparalleled guarantee.

Simple operation: With traightforward, single button operation, the 3000 is ready for use within seconds of start up and offers up to 1500 measurements from a single set of standard batteries (AA size).

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"Quite simply, the AlcoDigital 3000 is the most accurate, reliable, and easiest to use Personal Breathalyser available anywhere."

alcodigital 3000 vs draeger 6510

Winner of the 2011
WHAT CAR? Breathalyzer Test

The 2011 What Car? review was the most technical and in-depth review of Breathalyzers ever carried out in the UK... and  the AlcoDigital 3000 was declared:

"Number 1... in the UK's
largest Breathalyzer Test!"

"This is the breathalyser you should be able to have complete faith in because it's manufactured by the same company that builds police units. It's made to the same specification as police units, too. Our tests showed it provides clear, accurate results."

Read it here: WHAT CAR? 2011 Breathalyzer Test

"The UK Police rely upon Draeger;
 now YOU can afford to do the same"

Why is it SO much cheaper than a 6510?
Firstly, the Police version can be calibrated on site. Personal users don't need a service more than once a year and return their units to us for maintenance in our workshops. A number of software features that are of little use to personal users, such as data memory, variable units, altitude compensation etc. have also been removed.  Accuracy, Reliability and Consistency are completely unaffected by these changes.

Red - Amber - Green LED's give an instant indication of how close to the UK limit you really are, in addition to the numeric display.


Scottish / UK Limits

Scottish UK limits

Technical Specifications

Size 140mm x 70mm x 30mm
Weight  195g incl. batteries

Sensor: 32mm Draeger Fuel Cell
Accuracy: ±0.001% @ 0.08% or <1.85%
Display range: 0.00 ~ 0.40% (5 x UK Limit)
Display Type: Full Graphic Backlit LCD
Warm up time:
15 sec
Recovery time 10sec @ .05% BAC
Sampling Method: Air Pump
Sampling Protection:
    - Pressure Sensor
    - Volumetric Measurment
    - Temperature Sensor
    - Humidity Sampling
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Operating Humidity: 10% to 100%

Visual Warning: Green/Amber/Red LED's
Audible Alarm: Dual Tone
Battery life: Over 1,000 tests
Battery Type: 2 x "AA" alkaline

Note: The specifications relate to laboratory conditions and may not be replicated in general use. Do not drink and drive. If in doubt, do not drive or carry out any actions where your abilities or judgement may be impaired by the consumption of Alcohol.

Package Contents

  • AlcoDigital 3000
  • Soft Carry Case
  • 3 x  mouthpieces
  • Owner's manual
  • 2 x AA Batteries

plus the only Two Year
Parts & Labour Warranty in the UK!

UK Police in action with the 3000's
sister product, the Draeger 6510

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