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Alcohol Testing

AlcoHawk Pro Breathalyzer

Best Semi-Conductor
in What Car? 2011 Breathalyzer Test

  • SRT Alcohol Sensor

  • AirCheck Technology

  • 400-increment Promile Display

The AlcoHAWK© PRO Digital utilizes a state-of-the-art semiconductor oxide sensor to test breath alcohol content quickly and accurately. The simple one-button operation provides a digital reading in seconds.

The PRO includes FlowCheck Techology™ to ensure a sufficient breath sample is obtained. The PRO also now include Sensor Recognition Technology™ to monitor for certain types of abnormal sensor conditions.

The AlcoHawk Pro is a top-quality personal detector that has full ASD approval in the US as an Alcohol Screening Device. Easy to use, clear display and full 5-second sample time.

More Precision
By displaying the results in mg/100ml instead of the more typcial BAC%, there are 400 increments displayed between zero and the maximum.  In BAC% the same range would only be 40 increments:

Typical BAC% display (UK limit=0.08) Hawk Pro mg/100ml display (UK limit=80)

£ inc VAT

alcohawk pro breathalyzer

AlcoHawk Pro Breathalyzer Kit

Scottish / UK Limits

Scottish UK limits

Technical Specifications

 Size 120 x 60 x 25 mm
 Weight 135 grams including battery

 Housing: Shock resistant, moulded plastic
 Sensor: Advanced SRT Silicon Semi Conductor
 Sample Time: 5 sec
 Response time: 3.5 sec
 Warm up time: 20 sec
 Recovery time: (sensor purge) 30 sec
 Battery life: Over 300 tests
 Battery: 9V alkaline
 Accuracy ±0.015% at 0.10% BAC
 Detection range 000 ~ 400 mg/100ml
 Digital display Three digit LED

Note: The specifications relate to laboratory conditions and may not be replicated in general use. Do not drink and drive. If in doubt, do not drive or carry out any actions where your abilities or judgement may be impaired by the consumption of Alcohol.

UK based 12 month warranty.

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