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Alcohol Testing

iCharge Satellite Breathalyzer

Fuel Cell Breathalyzer,
Phone Charger
and LED Torch

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Easy to Use

  • Full Colour LCD Display

  • Temperature  & Flow Check

  • Fuel Cell Accuracy

  • Air Valve Consistency

  • Range: 0 - 180 µg/100ml
    (UK Police Standard Units - limit=35)

The Satellite iCharge from AlcoVisor is not only a top Pro-Quality Breathalyser - it also charges your phone, tablet, camera or any other compatible device and even has a built-in LED Torch to help you find your keys in the dark!

It's the ideal multi-purpose device to keep in the car - and to complete the package, we also include a 12v in-car charger to keep it fully charged wherever you are.

The accurate, UK-made Fuel Cell Sensor displays the results in µg/100ml of breath - exactly the same as the UK Police models (UK Limit is 35 Microgrammes) and performs a temperature and flow check with every test.

Compact & Lightweight, it has one of the fastest start-up times of any breathalyzer we've ever sold and the rechargeable battery is big enough to recharge the average phone TWICE OVER!

Charges iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericson, Canon, Panasonic and numerous others.


icharge breathalyzer USB output  

USB Output
Power Socket


icharge breathalyzer with iphone

icharge breathalyzer with keys 


UK based 12 month warranty.

£ inc VAT

Scottish / UK Limits

Scottish UK limits

Technical Specifications

Analytical principle

Electrochemical Fuel Cell in 1/4" technology for alcohol analysis

Measurement precision

Standard deviation  ±0.005% at 0.05% BAC3. Drift: typically < 0.5 % of the measurement value/month


approx. 2 s

Recovery time

approx. 3 s, depending on ambient temperature and previous sample

Display Backlit, Full Colour LCD

Human interface

All measuring functions in the menu carried out via 2 buttons


Diameter 32mm and length just 71mm.



What's in the Box

  • Satellite Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

  • 12v Vehicle/USB Charger Plug

  • USB Charging Lead

  • Phone and Camera Adaptors for iPad, iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Cannon, Blackberry, and any other micro USB.

  • 5 x Mouthpieces

  • Quick Start Guide

Note: The specifications relate to laboratory conditions and may not be replicated in general use. Do not drink and drive. If in doubt, do not drive or carry out any actions where your abilities or judgement may be impaired by the consumption of Alcohol.

"This breathalyser not only performs superbly as a breathalyser, but provides a useful backup for your mobile phone, iPad, camera or tablet.

In tests it charged an iPhone twice over, whilst still providing accurate, reliable breathalyser readings.  It even includes a built-in LED Torch!"

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