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Alcohol Testing

AlcoHawk Slim 2

Key Features

  • Advanced Pressure Check
  • Integrated mouthpiece
  • Clear, backlit LCD Display
  • US DoT Approved
  • Optional Mouthpieces
  • Best-In-Class Accuracy
Operating on a single button, the Alcohawk Slim reliably provides Accurate,  Digital BAC readings in seconds - while being slim and light in your pocket.
The Slim includes removable mouthpiece covers that allow you to test multiple individuals in a sanitary fashion or use the fold-out mouthpiece for personal checks. This unit is equipped with a bright blue, 3-digit back-lit LCD display. Using the very latest technology from market-leaders Q3i it is the ideal solution for someone looking for a portable tester with professional quality with a consumer design and feel.

Advanced Pressure Check:
The new Slim contains an electronic airflow sensor (APT) to ensure the user continues to blow through the unit. This is a vital new function because only samples of air from the deep lung are proportionate to blood alcohol content. This new innovative secondary sensor ensures the user exhales a full sample of air. This is important  to prevent a short exhale which could affect accuracy.

Temperature Check:
Prior to use the Slim displays, then monitors, the ambient temperature to ensure samples are taken within limits

Folding Mouthpiece:
The  folding mouthpiece design that allows the unit to be easily carried in a pocket or a purse while maintaining the benefits and accuracy of a mouthpiece air capture system. The Slim also comes with replaceable mouthpiece covers to enable sanitary testing on multiple individuals.

AutoPurge: Automatically cleans the sensor after each sequence to ensure it is ready for the next test

Alcohawk Slim 2 breathalyzer

Scottish / UK Limits

Scottish UK limits

Technical Specifications

Size 103mm x 39mm x 19mm
Weight 94g with batteries 
 Certification: DoT/NHTSA & FDA510k
 Sensor: SRT Semiconductor gas sensor
 Response time: 15sec
 Warm up time: 30 sec
 Recovery time: 20sec
 Battery life: Over 200 tests
 Battery Type: 2 x "AAA" alkaline
 Accuracy: ±0.01% at 0.02%
 Display range: 0.00 ~ 0.40%
 Display Type:
3-Digit, Multi colour LCD

Package Contents

  • Slim Elite Breathalyzer
  • 3x Disposable Mouthpieces
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • UK based 12 month warranty.

Note: The specifications relate to laboratory conditions and may not be replicated in general use. Do not drink and drive. If in doubt, do not drive or carry out any actions where your abilities or judgement may be impaired by the consumption of Alcohol.

UK based 12 month warranty.


£ inc VAT


Approved by the US DoT as an ASD

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