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Draeger 6810 Data Package
Time & Date Evidential, with storage for up to 250 tests - Software & Cable included with this package.

Unlike the 6510, the 6810 Evidential records a time/date stamp for every test and has a memory for up to 250 tests.  We offer the 6810 as a full data package with a dedicated AlcoView USB data cable and the latest version of the well-tested Draeger AlcoView Software, specifically developed for the 6810.

Using the software can be linked to any windows PC to download the test data which can then be exported to standard Excel files or imported into companies' HR systems to maintain ongoing records.

The Draeger Alcotest 6810 offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user-friendly and compact form and thanks to its wide range of possible configurations, the handheld instrument can be easily adapted to meet different international regulations and guidelines. Because the Draeger Alcotest 6810 offers intuitive operation, it is easy to use and precise measurement results can be obtained within a very short period of time.

Automatic sampling and calibration processes make the instrument easy to use. All measurement functions are controlled via a single key, while menu navigation is by two menu keys. The special way the mouthpieces are designed means they can be fitted quickly and securely even in poor light conditions.

  • Menu buttons - easy to use menus with 14 different measurement settings
  • Test Memory - last 250 tests stored in memory for easy recall
  • Test Counter - to ensure on-time calibration (every 6 months or 500 tests)
  • Tough Housing - made from shockproof, damp proof
  • LCD Display - Plain text, back-lit display and audible signal.
  • Single OK button - for simple, intuitive operation

Also available - Draeger 6810 Med
Designed specifically for Medical applications, where the CE marking for medical products is necessary, it has been adapted to determine breath alcohol concentrations especially in diagnostic applications. It may be used, for example, to diagnose vascular injuries (and others in the urology during transurethral resections of the prostate) after previous application of an ethanol containing rinsing solution.

It is also used for testing patients for previous alcohol consumption at the emergency reception area or before methadone substitution.  Manually activated Passive Sampling measurement makes measurements possible even with people who are not able to deliver intentionally a breath sample.

6810 Med £ + VAT
 (Breathalyzer & Hard case only - no Software)

Technical Specification

Analytical principle

Electrochemical DraegerSensor in 1/4" technology for alcohol analysis

Measurement precision

Standard deviation ±0.008 mg/L or ±1.7 % of the measurement value. The higher value applies. Drift: typically < 0.6 % of the measurement value/month


approx. 6 s

Recovery time

approx. 6 s, at 0 mg/L, depending on ambient temperature

Quick menu

PIN protected: Last 10 tests, Last calibration date, measurement settings, total tests to date

Human interface

All measuring functions can be carried out with one key. Navigation in the menu via 2 menu buttons


approx. 140 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm / 5.5" x 2.8" x 1.2"


approx. 195 g / 0.5 lbs. incl. batteries

Package Contents

  • Draeger 6810
  • AlcoView Software
  • AlcoView USB Cable
  • 3 x mouthpieces
  • User's manual
  • Hard Case
  • 2 x 1.5v Duracell Battery
  • Wrist Strap

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6810 Data Package
including AlcoView Software & Cable

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