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TruTouch FingerAlcoSense TruTouch 2500
      ----  Advanced Near Infra Red (NIR) Fingertip Alcohol Screener  ----

Changing Workforce Behaviour Toward Alcohol

Imagine being able to test for alcohol in the workplace everyday, with a non-invasive, self-administered testing method that delivers accurate results in as little as eight seconds ... and verifies user identification.

The TruTouch 2500 uses safe, near infra-red (NIR) light to measure alcohol intoxication and provide biometric identification without breath or bodily fluids - or even the presence of a test administrator.

The AlcoSense TruTouch 2500 combines the state-of-the-art in alcohol testing with an integral biometric identity verification capability. It is a 100% noninvasive, touch based measurement that offers significant improvements in safety and ease-of use relative to existing measurement approaches.

The TruTouch measurement is performed by transmitting light into the skin via contact with an optical touch pad, and collecting a portion of the light reflected back by the skin. The collected light is analyzed to determine the tissue alcohol concentration and to verify the user£s identity.

The light used in the TruTouch measurement is in the near-infrared (NIR) and is safe for human skin exposure. The light levels are less than the limits established by the FDA for non-ionizing radiation (orders of magnitude less that that required to cause skin heating or damage such as sunburn.) It is similar to holding a low-powered flashlight against one£s skin and is safe for both short and long-term exposure.

TruTouch 2500

In 2011 the U.S. Center for Disease Control published data that showed heavy drinkers cost the U.S. economy over $220 Billion per year £ lost productivity accounts for 70% of this waste while healthcare costs account for 11%.

Companies would like to reduce these costs and increase productivity, but until now, technology that could provide self administered, cost-effective daily alcohol testing (the only true way of eliminating on-duty alcohol impairment) didn't exist other than through the use of interlocks, which to date have largely limited to use in vehicles.

Random screening can deter the casual user, but those with a serious alcohol problem are far less likely to change their inherent behaviour patterns. For this reason this form of occasional screening can fail to have the impact the company is looking for and alcohol use can continue to cost the company, and thousands of others, billions of dollars a year. Testing every person, every day changes the underlying behaviour itself.

Whilst not a UK Certified device, the TruTouch can easily be combined with a unit such as AlcoDigital£s Lab-in-a-Bag, with positive results followed up by a Certifiable test for both Drugs and Alcohol that can be defended in court if necessary.

Imagine your organisation free of the costly and dangerous effects of alcohol abuse.....

£  Pre-employment
£  Transportation

£  Land or sea (oil rigs)
£  Construction

£  Before/during/aftershifts
£  Access gates
£  Drivers: Departure or arrival
£  Test everyone or randomly


Detector Type: NIR spectroscopy
Test Time: Fast (screening) scan: 8 seconds
Quantification Scan: 25 seconds (10+ 15)
Test Locations: Index, middle, or ring finger
Sample Interface: Fused silica fiber optic sensor
Power: AC Input: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Sources: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Storage Temperature: -20£C to 80£ C
Operating Temperature: 0£C to 38£C
Data Display: 5-inch VGA color display
Laser Safety: Class 1 laser safe device
Calibration QC: Internal calibration reference
Warm-up Time: Approximately 10 minutes
Size: 12" x 10" x 14"
Weight: 15 Ibs (6.8 kgs)

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