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Draeger Interlock XT
Draeger Interlock XT
The Fit-and-Forget, Integrated Solution

What is the Draeger Interlock?
The Draeger Interlock is the worlds' best selling brethalyzer-immobiliser, with over 100,000 units fitted worldwide. Based upon the proven 6510 technology together with a secure vehicle immobiliser it is fully approved, judicial device suitable from both commercial applications and offender programs. After taking a breath alcohol measurement, the Draeger Interlock prohibits a driver who has consumed alcohol from starting the engine. Almost entirely tamper-proof, any attempt to circumvent the device is recorded and available for review by management or probation services.

  • Fully Approved, Judicial-Level Interlock

  • Improves the image of transport companies and ensures compliance

  • Prevents the starting of the vehicle when alcohol is detected in the driver£s breath

  • Leads to immediate separation of alcohol intake and driving

  • Prevents accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol

  • Is resistant to tampering

  • Offers the possibility for cyclic retests

  • Records all events in data storage for later review

  • Increases safety for drivers and passengers

  • Can also be used on machinery

    £ + VAT & Installation



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 Technical Specification 

Analytical principle

Electrochemical DraegerSensor in 1/4" technology for alcohol analysis

Measurement precision

Standard deviation £0.008 mg/L or £1.7 % of the measurement value. The higher value applies. Drift: typically < 0.6 % of the measurement value/month


approx. 6 s


12v - Starter relay may switch up to 48 V, 12 V subnet for instrument supply necessary

Quick menu

PIN protected: Last 10 tests, Last calibration date, measurement settings, total tests to date


Radio interference (Directive 95/54/EC and ECE Regulation No.10) NHTSA compliant General German Operating Permission (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis)


approx. 140 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm / 5.5£ x 2.8£ x 1.2£


Handset approx. 175 g (0.4 oz) Control unit approx. 320 g (0.7 oz)


Please note that the price DOES NOT INCLUDE INSTALLATION. The Draeger 6510 must be installed by a qualified and approved technician; the cost varies depending upon the vehicle, but is generally in the region of £200.  Some commercial vehicles, notably Scania, already have loom connections ready to accept the Interlock XT - let us know the model & year and we will check to see if your vehicle is already pre-wired.


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