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Drivealyzer Vehicle Interlock

The ONLY way to ensure ALL your
drivers are 100% Alcohol-Free
- EVERY time they drive!

The AlcoDigital Drivealyzer represents a real price-breakthrough for commercial interlock devices.  While not approved for judicial and offender programme use, the device is nevertheless a fully US DoT approved, commercial Breathalyzer-Immobilizer that offers the ultimate safety device at a price previously unheard of.

Random testing is one way of meeting your obligations under HSE legislation to ensure your employees are fit for duty, but inevitably it can only check a fraction of employees.  And in the case of workers who do not start from a single report centre, ONLY an immobilizer device such as the Drivealyzer will ensure absolute compliance, every trip, every day.

Using the same  UK-made DART Fuel Cell sensor found in Lion's UK Police Breathalyzers, Drivealyzer uses multiple Temperature, Humidity and Pressure sensors ensure accurate, consistent and fraudulent-free testing and rolling retests make absolutely sure it really WAS the driver who took the test.

Why so much cheaper?  Primarily because while the device still has anti-tamper logging built-in, it isn't tested and approved to the same levels as judicial interlocks used in offender programmes.  But in such instances, an individual has long-term, completely unsupervised opportunity to try and circumvent the interlock system. In commercial applications, this is very rarely the case; multiple drivers are often using the vehicles and/or they are regularly into works garages for maintenance and checking.  The Drivealyzer is just as difficult to circumvent as a normal vehicle alarm immobilizer, and as such easily exceeds the ability of 99% of employees. Power interrupts, bypass detections, violations etc are all logged in the data system to ensure reliable fraud-free operation.

Installation and Calibration. One of the most expensive issues with other Interlock Systems has always been the complex nature & expense of the installation and the need for either the vehicle to be driven to a specialist service centre, or for a representative to come out to the vehicle.  Both these issues have been resolved with the Drivealyzer. 

No more difficult to install than a standard vehicle immobilizer, most installations take less than an hour and can usually be done by in-house mechanics during normal service routines.

And to ensure zero vehicle down-time and minimal calibration costs, the handset is designed to be simply unplugged and replaced every six months with a replacement, calibrated handset.  Costs are dramatically reduced from up to £300/year of other interlocks to just £90 - and that includes a fully serviced replacement handset, every six months - you don't even have to buy the additional handset - it's provided as standard within the maintenance contract.

Increase Sales, Reduce Costs.....

Reduce Staff Costs - the Drivealyzer monitors every start, every day - with none of the staff and time costs associated with random testing programmes.

Generate extra Business by demonstrating your 100% commitment to driver safety, especially when bidding for PSV work involving the carriage of children and local authority business (in France it is now illegal to carry under-18's on a PSV without an interlock having been fitted!)

Improve Productivity - implementing an interlock programme often reduces absenteeism and sickness rates  as drivers reduce their alcohol intake prior to a work duty.

Buy for only £695 -
or Rent for just £5/week!

  • UK-made DART Sensor - uses the same Fuel Cell
    as used in Police-Approved Breathalyzers

  • Data Logging for up to 8,000 entries

  • Simple Installation - usually installed by
    in-house maintenance mechanics

  • User-Configurable software options - the Drivealyzer is custom-configured to YOUR needs

  • Independently Tested - the Drivealyzer passed a rigorous, 90-day certification process by the US DoT with flying colours - see details left

  • Hot-Swappable Handsets - for Zero down-time
    and maintenance costs a fraction of other systems
    - just £90 per year with full replacement warranty

  • Rolling Retest, Humidity, Temperature and Pressure sensors to prevent fraudulent (or "assisted") use

  • Remote Reset by PIN code entry for
    emergency restart or false alarms

Purchase £ + VAT


Rent - £/quarter + VAT


   Technical Specification

Analytical principle

Electrochemical DraegerSensor in 1/4" technology for alcohol analysis

Measurement precision

Standard deviation £0.008 mg/L or £1.7 % of the measurement value. The higher value applies. Drift: typically < 0.6 % of the measurement value/month


approx. 6 s


12v - Starter relay may switch up to 48 V, 12 V subnet for instrument supply necessary

Quick menu

PIN protected: Last 10 tests, Last calibration date, measurement settings, total tests to date


Radio interference (Directive 95/54/EC and ECE Regulation No.10) NHTSA compliant General German Operating Permission (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis)


approx. 140 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm / 5.5£ x 2.8£ x 1.2£


Handset approx. 175 g (0.4 oz) Control unit approx. 320 g (0.7 oz)

Certifications and Approvals

In one of the most thorough INDEPENDENT testing procedures developed for breathalyzer equipment, the Drivealyzer was subjected to an intensive testing programme over a THREE MONTH period to prove it's accuracy, reliability and consistency as well as it's ability to operate in all temperatures and conditions in order to gain DoT approval.  It passed with 100% !!

Read the Full Report & Results - Click Here

What it Costs

Purchase Price £
Rental Option - including maintenance £5/wk
Software Setup & Configuration
Handset Calibration/Initialisation
Annual Maintenance Contract
- includes twice yearly calibrations,
full maintenance and warranty.
£ pa
Mouthpieces (pack of 100)
Mouthpieces (box of 500)

Not just for Vehicles....

Dangerous Machinery, Chemical Plant, or other High-Risk activity?

While the Drivealyzer has been primarily designed for use in vehicles, it is easily configured for use with dangerous machinery such as Saws, Presses - Lift mechanisms, Cranes or even access doors to sensitive or high-risk areas.   Email or all us on 0844 585 5050 with your requirements and we will discuss how we can configure a device to suit your needs.