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Important Information for Pilots, Cabin Crew,
Professional Drivers and Commercial Seamen

The 2006 Railways Transportation Safety Bill the Government introduced new limits for those working in the Transport Industry. The limit is just 0.02% - one quarter the UK Drink-Drive limit of 0.08% and the lowest detectable level possible allowing for the residual levels that can exist in anyone whether they've been drinking or not. The new rules apply to Pilots, Cabin Crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Engineers, Train Drivers, and Commercial Seamen amongst others. No responsible individual would report for work whilst knowingly under the influence of Alcohol, but it is no longer enough to rely upon the traditional "Rule of Thumb" of not having a drink within 8 hours of reporting for work - and the onus is on YOU to be aware of your ability to metabolise alcohol out of your system and make SURE you are fit for work. The penalties are severe and include large fines as well as imprisonment - and almost certainly, loss of licence.

Just 2 Pints of Lager, or 3 glasses of Wine that you drank with your dinner
10 HOURS before reporting for work could still leave you unfit for work.

It is also possible to inadvertently consume unknown quantities of alcohol in medicines such as Cough Medicine, or even in some foods such as Sherry Trifle. Can you afford to take any risks at all - with your entire Career?  Or the lives of others? Regular use of a quality Breathalyzer can enable you drink responsibly and to learn just how quickly you can metabolise the alcohol out of your system, allowing you to leave sufficient additional safety margin before reporting for work.

Possessing a Digital Alcohol Detector does not mean you are able to consume more alcohol - you must have NO residual alcohol in your body when you report for work.

It does, however, help to increase your personal safety margin to ensure that you will not unintentionally report for work believing yourself to be fit when in fact you are not.

link to the UK Railways and Transport Safety Bill