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The world’s first cartridge based portable ketone analyser

KETOSCAN offers non-invasive ketone testing, for blood test accuracy without the pain

We are the sole distributor for Sentech products and the only approved service centre for Ketoscan in the UK.

In September 2019, we launched the world’s first cartridge-based ketone analyser to the UK market – the Ketoscan Mini. Ideal for optimising diet and exercise plans, the handy fat burning monitoring device measures ketones in breath to provide a highly accurate real-time reading which indicates the ketosis state of the body and the speed it is burning fat.

In 2021, we added the compact Ketoscan Lite to our product range.


  • Check your ketosis level quickly and accurately with a simple exhale of breath. The ultra-precise acetone sensor detects ketones at very low concentration.
  • Track readings instantly and upload photos of meals and progress with the Ketoscan app.
  • Non-invasive ketone testing – just like using a breathalyser.

KETOSCAN Mini is available to buy direct at, on Amazon and at selected health retailers.


If you are a UK retailer interested in stocking Ketoscan Mini or the new Ketoscan Lite, please contact us.


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