Why do I need a Breathalyzer?

Taken from a Daily Mail article, this table compares five different women’s reaction to alcohol over time.

They were tested with the AlcoDigital Platinum Breathalyzer....
5ft 9in, 10st 8lb, size 12, BMI 22. Alcohol per week: 12 units5ft 3in, 10st 9lb, size 14, BMI 26. Alcohol per week: 25 units5ft 1in, 7st 10lb, size 8, BMI 20. Alcohol per week: 23 units5ft 6in, 10st 4lb, size 10, BMI 23.2. Alcohol per week: Usually none5ft 2in, 12st 7lb, size 16, BMI 31. Alcohol per week: 16 units
The Results:   All women drank the same ½ bottle (350ml) of 12.5% Chardonnay.   (Readings are shown in µg after 30 minutes & 1 hour; English/Welsh limit is 35; Scottish limit is 22)

Reading after 30 min: 70   (highest)

Reading after 30 min: 49Reading after 30 min: 31   (lowest)Reading after 30 min: 41Reading after 30 min: 38
Reading after 60 min: 41Reading after 60 min: 44   (highest)Reading after 60 min: 30Reading after 60 min: 36

Reading after 60 min: 29 (lowest)

“I'm amazed at what an extreme reaction I had to drinking just a glass or two of wine.I was twice the limit in both cases! This has been an absolute eye-opener.”“My readings confirmed the unpredictable way that drinking affects me.I was fine after one large glass but seriously tipsy when I had two smaller ones.”“I'm astonished at my body's capacity to deal with alcohol, especially when I look at the results of the other women, who are bigger than me. It's been a real wake-up call.”“I can't believe how high my reading was after just a couple of glasses of wine.  I exercise a lot and stay in shape, so I thought my body would be healthy enough to cope. Clearly not.”“I'm really surprised that I was over the limit after two glasses. I didn't feel any effect at all.'It has reinforced in my mind to never touch a drop if I'm going to use the car. “
Conclusion? It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, or how much you usually drink. Everyone’s liver and metabolism is different and the only way to find out if you are fit to drive“The Morning After” is with an accurate, reliable Digital Breathalyzer.The AlcoDigital range starts from as little as £39.95; the AlcoDigital Platinum (used in this test) sells for £169.95.
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